Thank you for having interest in my baskets. Most are made of ash splint but I also use oak, willow, red elm and cherry.  I use a local supplier and a supplier in upstate Michigan.  Both use sustainable harvesting methods.  This is important to me.

Most of my baskets are traditional in form, size and decor. There is one exception, fur.  I have spent time in Alaska visiting First Nation tribal history museum and villages.  I found that many attach fur to nearly every aspect of daily life including their baskets.  As we use leather in personal attire.  First Nations use fur. I brought home many ideas of sewing fur onto my work.

The fur comes from Alaska and Maine.  The fur is sheep, fox river otter, and goat thus far.  I attain the fur from First Nation Americans at farmer's markets in Alaska as it is a source of income for the villages.  In Maine, my purchases are from a local organic farmer who raises goats.  Also the Maine Trappers Association who works with the Department of Maine Inland Fisheries.  Their work/sport is done responsibly, tending to injured animals and provides meat to the Maine organization Hunters for Hunger.  I feel wood and fur bring beauty together.  

I also harvest my own sweet grass and sea grasses each season.  I add simple embellishments on baskets as I enjoy the clarity and strength of a basket similar to a Shaker basket.  

My mind is always on the next moment and movement of weaving. There is an energy and calm when I create these baskets, in wood or other materials. Wherever I walk, I look for weaving in natural forms, colors contrast around me and shapes that may guide my hands.

Cynthia Bourque-Simonds


  • May 2011  Haystack Mountain School of Craft.  Basketry
  • January 2012  Jackie Abrams, Brattleboro Vermont. Contemporary Baskets
  • June 2012  Abbe Museum, session with George Neptune. Fancy Baskets
  • July 2012  Haystack Mountain School of Craft, session with Lissa Hunter. Connections
  • August 2012  Schoodic Arts, Multimedia Fiber Arts with Audra Christie.
  • May 2013  Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.  Blacksmithing.
  • May 2014 Maine Craft Association at Haystack Mountain School of Craft,   session with Theresa Secord and Jennifer Neptune, Baskets.
  • May 2014 State of Maine certification workshop for Lifetime Arts, held at   Scoodic Arts in Winter Harbor.
  • May 2015 Maine Craft Association at Haystack Mountain School of Craft,   session on Felting.
  • August 2016 Haystack Mountain School of Craft session on Basketry, Lissa Hunter instructor.
    • Shows
    • November 2012  Pearson Legacy Gallery.  Holiday Show
    • February 2013  Pearson Legacy Gallery. Favorite Places Around the World Show
    • 2013  Pearson Legacy Gallery.  On-going Small Arts Display
    • October-November 2013  Eggemoggin Textile Studio.  Fall Show
    • November-December 2013  Deer Isle Artists Association.  Small Works Show
    •  May - August 2014  Treasure and Gift. On Line Seller.
    • December 2014  Deer Isle Artists Association. Small Works Show.
    • May 2015 Maine Craft Association at Haystack. Art Show
    • June 2015 Deer Isle Artists Association. Body Of Work.
    • June 2015 Pearson Legacy Gallery. On-going Small Arts display.
    • August 2015 Deer Isle Artists Association. 12 x 12 Benefit.
    • December 2015 Deer Isle Artists Association. Small Works and Gifts.
    • February 2016 ART matters, speaker on Vessels, DIAA
    • February 2016 Residency at DIAA to study knots as embellishments
    • June 2016 Deer Isle Artists Association.  Unbeaten Channels.
    • July 2016 Deer Isle Artists Association, All Members 12x12
    • August 2016 Haystack Mountain School of Craft exhibition.
    • October 2016 Deer Isle Artist Association, Vessels Show
    • May = December 2017 Island Artists, Bar Harbor and Northeast Harbor, Maine.
    • June 2017 Deer Isle Artists Association, A Fine Table.
    • July 2017 Deer Isle Artists Association, All Member 12x12.
    • August 2017 Deer Isle Artists Association, Fresh Ink.
    • September 2017 Deer Isle Artists Association, Small works
    • December 2017 Sedgwick Elementary School, exhibit and instruction of basketry to students.
    • May - December 2018 Island Artists, Bar Harbor and Northeast Harbor, Maine.